Automatisch vetsmeersysteem voor frisdrank vulmachine.

An example of an automatic greasing system developed by Smeertechniek Rotterdam
for the carousel of a bottle filling machine from a well-known soft drink manufacturer.

This filling machine can fill tens of thousands of soft drink bottles per hour.

Grease lubricator with built-in control and 1 pump outlet with check valve, safety valve and manometer.
Equipped with stainless steel 316 distributor with flow monitoring by means of a proximity switch.
This monitoring is directly connected to the pump control.

All distributor outlets are monitored for overpressure, to protect the machine's seals, by means of an electric pressure switch that switches off the lubrication system in the event of overpressure.

Per outlet of the distributor a check valve and a mechanical pressure monitor in stainless steel 316 with stainless steel spring package so that it can be determined at which seal the pressure was in danger of becoming too high.
The installation is suitable for and filled with Food Grade grease.