Nieuwe Membraanpomp en Elektrische Vetpomp van Pressol

Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Pressol recently renewed its range of pneumatic diaphragm pumps. The housing of this new pump is made of PP and PTFE, making it suitable for pumping (waste) oil and water-based liquids such as wiper fluid. In addition, these new pumps are more efficient, reducing air consumption up to 30%. Various accessories are available for this pump, including a wall holder and plug-in nipple. All in all, with this pump you get a lot of quality for an interesting price! Look here for further specifications.


Suitable for water-based oil and liquids
More efficient use of air
Several accessories available
Excellent price / quality ratio
Electric Grease Pump

In addition, Pressol has a small range of electric grease pumps since 2017. For example, a high-quality, high-quality 24V-DC grease pump is available with various accessories. Look here for the technical specifications.