Niels spray and chain lubrication

Smeertechniek Rotterdam develops and manufactures the Niels system in-house. This system is the clean, dry and environmentally friendly counterpart of the coolant concentrate and the lubrication stick. The system applies a thin film to the tool. This film ensures that the cutting forces are significantly reduced. A nice product with tool life extension is the result. A very precise dosage and the right oil ensure a virtually dry workpiece.

An adjustable pump transports the lubricant from a connected flexible hose to the nozzle. The cooling air flows trough the nozzle in an outer jacket. The air and oil are brought together in the nozzle, which results in a beautiful spray pattern.

Advantages in machining:

  • Exactly adjustable and therefore very economical in use.
  • Visibly better worked surface.
  • Significant extension of the service life.
  • Less sharpening costs and less frequent purchase of new tools.
  • Shorter machining cycle.
  • Dry products, machines and chips (no need to clean or degrease after processing).
  • Chip is not waste, but a salable residual product.
  • Suitable for mounting on almost any machine.
  • The machine has a longer lifespan, no pollution
  • Increase productivity.
  • More pleasant editing
  • Lower production costs.
  • Good price-performance ratio.
  • Short delivery times.
  • Dutch quality.

The Niels system is not only used for the machining industry. The system is also used for chain lubrication.

Despite new advanced technology, many chains still require lubrication. Optimal lubrication reduces friction and subsequent wear. The greatest wear of all chains takes place between the plates, pins and rollers. These are also the points where the most forces are exerted on the chain. Insufficient lubrication of these parts will lead to premature wear and failure. The result is a production stop and the additional high costs. Correct and efficient lubrication is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation and a long life of the chain. Niels automatic chain lubrication systems delivers an exactly measured amount of lubricant and delivers it where it is needed for optimal lubrication.

Advantages with chain lubrication:

  • Reducing the use of oil.
  • Controlled and optimal lubrication of the chain.
  • Clean environment.
  • Chain life extension.

Our system is produced according to the highest quality standards and assembled in the Netherlands. If the system or one of the parts does not meet your wishes or expectations, please let us know. The system is our pride and are willing to improve it at all times.
NIELS is a less environmentally harmful cooling / lubrication system of the latest generation. The oil is applied to the tool economically, which considerably extends the service life of your tools. You are left with a dry product with a visibly better worked surface. Another positive aspect is that no dangerous fumes are released during machining and that chip stays dry. This makes the machine easy to keep clean.

Also available in stainless steel:


An example of a sprinkler installation on a mobile shredder (IT-Recycling):